Saturday, July 28, 2007


I've been experimenting with Sqirlz Morph, a free morph animation program.
I've been trying out some ideas and hope you find some of them useful or inspirational.
I've been exploring the idea of using morphs to create animations from different poses of the same object as well as morphing between different objects.

Rose Deva

I collected pictures of rose windows, and some of galaxies and glass paperweights.
This was made as a Valentine's Day gift.

Giffy the Clown

I'm a big fan of Sqirlz Morph.
Gifs will jerkily run through once, frame by frame at a slow rate, and then cycle at their correct speed.
Going through the first time takes longer if there are other pictures on the page.
You can speed things up by just clicking the title of the one you're looking at, so only that will display.

Feel free to copy these for your personal use.

Elven swordmaster

Flying car

I really like the turbulence in the air behind it. Made by simply takng two identical photos of a field, and pasting the car at either end. Changing the angle of the car changes the flight - it turns, and changing the size adds to the illusion.

and with no fixed boundaries, makes the field look better, giving a real sense of 3D perspective.


Trying to make an action sequence

and slower

Thee were made from about six photographs of action figures.

I learnt from this that a limb crossing the body causes distorts, and so unless I want the turbulence effect it is best not to put control points on limbs [see 'Naga' for an example].

Friday, July 27, 2007

Marseilles tarot

and smaller [and compressed to reduce file size]

Durer breathing

A subtle one

Wobbly city warp

The Tower of Babel, made of jelly.

Eye of Sauron

Taking a picture and rotating it, then pasting the central eye back on each.

Sauron grenade launcher

Cave troll warp

Just the one photoshopped picture, warped.


The next step would be to paste the various figures on the same background..

Girlboat warp

Freud warp

Using the warp to change just one photo, not between two.

Hannibal smiley


and smallest

The Scream

Rose lamia

and without fixed boundaries


Made by making a series of images in photoshop [actually Arcsoft Photostudio 5.5], with the girl pasted to an image of a snake's body. The same image of the snake's body was altered using 'distort'.


Girl puppet


Baby Animal dance

Baron Samedi

Mixing my face with skulls, to get an image of Baron Samedi

And as an AVI to get clear single frames in photoshop.

And a single frame

And a different sequence

Puppet heads


And using different poses of Gollum


Using Dobbie and Gollum gave me the idea of using two different expressions of the same character, in a Jekyll and Hyde way.

Frodo Potter

Really needs to be cropped better, but it gave me the idea later of using two similar pictures, or more effectively a warp, to simulate breathing.

Living mandala

Just two pictures.
Again, several of the control points have been moved to create ripples.


The same figure, but this time moving contol points to diffent areas of the outside of the picture, in a random way.
Sqirlz has a very organic and flowing morph action, while other programs use triangles and cannot achieve these effects.


My first attempt at simulating a walk. I like the way the landscape flows and ripples round the figure.

Fixed boundaries

and unfixed

Tiger Me 2

A black background focuses on the main subject, and removes distracting elements from the morph. This one is too big for the site to display, which is an interesting effect in itself - we tend to make whole face morphs without stopping to think about cropping them.

Fishy story

Two random pictures from the internet, two people and an eel...
This is the first time I tried a morph without fixed boundaries, which means the edges of the picture flow off in fascinating directions. Gives more of a rollercoater effect.

Tiger Me

Just starting off. I made a teransitional picture using a 'solarize' filter, looking a little like colourful tattoos. Not really needed, but I liked the effect.

Me Golem